Friday, March 23, 2007

Catching up

Ok, I've been running around the western half of the country and ended up behind on my work and sick as a dog. Every day I wake up and work nonstop until I go to sleep. So many things to do from revisions on two books to reading page proofs, to contest entries, to coordinating programs for my local RWA chapter, to promo for the upcoming series, to interviews and mailing out materials, to answering mail--so of course I got the flu!

The flu is getting better, but I'm staying my butt home so I don't get worse. I'm behind posting on my writing blog, but I haven't abandoned it. I didn't have an interview this week so I'm going to post my own wisdom. :-)

I did have a good trip to New Mexico, talking to libarians about trends in romance and why romance fiction is important in the library. I had lunch with Patrice Michele and Cheyenne McCray and we had a nice visit.

Then I jetted to California to record my part on a CD. I laid down the tracks in a day and a half, which gave me time to kick back a little and catch up with my friends. My social life has been almost non-existent the past year because of the writing life.

I always laugh when people assume writers live a glamorous life in the fast lane. I have news--what writers mostly do is write! It consumes a lot of time and energy, and though I love it, it still can take its toll. Hopefully I'll be able to step back a little this year and take some time to rejuvenate.

Oh, did have a nice interview about The Immortals at Romance Designs:

Take care!!

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