Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thoughts on Social Networks

So how many social networks are you a part of?

Let's see, there's

Blogger (I have four blogs here; 3 individual and one group)

Amazon (three Amazon connect blogs)

MySpace (three myspace pages, each w/blog)

Facebook (only one of those, whew)

Goodreads (so far only one--as Allyson James, but I monitor Jennifer Ashley's page too, since I'm she)

Now I'm thinking of getting on Twitter.

It's getting ridiculous.

I like Facebook a bit because I can post a short update, and not worry about an entertaining, pithy blog entry. Plus I can put all my info, book covers, videos, etc. on one page (not six).

I like the Amazon plog, because I can post updates relevant to books there, plus link to them.

MySpace is getting unweildy imho--some pages take forever to load, and I have a super-duper high-speed cable modem. On the other hand, they're pretty and I can put all my info on one page.

Blogger is good as a running newsletter. Thinking of interesting posts is a bit of a trick. I like to save my creativity for my novels.

I hope in future to streamline all this to one page, one update for all my books/pseudonyms.

I have a designer working on overhauling my websites in prep for upcoming series. There will probably be an updates/blog portion. Looking forward to that.

For now, I'll run around posting on twelve social networks, my website, and my newsletter. :-)



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