Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Primal Bonds Countdown! and More!

One week to the release of PRIMAL BONDS! Woo!

I'm getting some great reviews out there in bloggerland:

B&N's community blog by paulgoatallen:

Kristal Lee's Tuesday's Treasure:

and more.

I will be blogging around the 'verse starting March 1, with giveaways at each stop. Will post a schedule as soon as I get it together.

E-book lovers: Yes, PRIMAL BONDS will be available via Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Kobo / Borders (they are still selling books, yep *g*), Sony, Books on Board, and probably All Romance Ebooks and other ebook vendors.

And it will be in print. :-)

I'm working on Wild Cat (Book 3) even as we speak, and it looks like there will be more after that.

Also--for Allyson James folks, there will be a new Tales of the Shareem book (Braden) out sometime in the next couple of months. It's in and edited; I'm just waiting to hear the pub date. Check out the verra nice cover in the meantime.

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At 4:22 AM , Blogger Aurian said...

Wow, that cover is lickable! I am for sure looking out for it.
Question, will there be more stories in the Nvengaria world? I like those a lot too.

At 3:35 PM , Blogger Kristal Lee said...

Congrats on the upcoming release of PRIMAL BONDS. Wishing you many happy sales!

At 8:17 PM , Blogger meggerfly said...

I can't wait for the release of Primal Bonds! Though I won an ARC from your fb contest I would like a "real" copy as well!

At 9:43 PM , Anonymous Sandra @ Dark Urban Fantasy said...

Braden ... *drool* Well, hell - *any* Shareem = *drool*.


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