Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet the Staff

I hear these days that most, if not all, authors have a professional assistant or even a staff that takes care of the day-to-day  things (like blogging and posting and other time-consuming chores), while the writer gets on with the creative work.

I thought I'd introduce readers to my staff (all male), because I find them very helpful.

This is Tall Guy. He answers, when he's in a zany mood, to Minion. Or to Sweetie. As in "Sweetie, would you do me a huge favor, and . . .???" He obligingly takes packages to the post office, buys office supplies, and reads drafts of my manuscripts for that Y chromosome take on things.

First Executive Assistant. Also known as The Natural Disaster. He climbs up on my desk and throws everything off with his huge paws, then demands petting as a reward. After that, he jumps down and walks away, his work there done. He's also very good at waking me up at 4 am, so I don't oversleep.

Second Executive Assistant (brother to First EA). Also known as The Spawn of Satan. He keeps me on schedule, as in "We're supposed to be sitting on the couch now." "We're supposed to be going to bed now." "The Minion is supposed to be feeding us now." "I really mean NOW."

 He also keeps me from being a workaholic by curling up on my office chair as soon as I take a  break.

When I'm feeling stressed, depressed, or down in any way, the First and Second Executive assistants consider it their job to make me feel better with sheer cuteness.

There you have it. The day-to-day staff in the office of Romance Author Jennifer Ashley.


At 12:27 PM , Blogger Mary D said...

Sounds like a really great group of males to work with. lol

At 12:30 PM , Blogger Kaualoku said...

Love your Staff they Rock!

At 12:59 PM , Blogger Buffy Kennedy said...

Hehe, I have a similar staff, except my first and second executive assistants are female, but just as insistent!

Love it!

At 1:21 PM , Blogger cinful1121 said...

Thank god for them cuz I'd be bummed without you & your books!

At 3:52 PM , Blogger Maureen said...

What total dolls! Oh, the tall guy, too!

At 4:56 AM , Blogger Caffey said...

Those pics are adorable! All of them!

At 4:01 PM , Blogger Louise said...



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