Saturday, July 06, 2013


I know I haven't done a lot of updating lately, but that means behind the scenes, I'm working like crazy. I just turned in the page proofs of Daniel's book, which means ARCs should be available soon!!

I also turned in The Untamed Mackenzie, which will be out in e- in September (print to follow).

I'm also very busy with the Captain Lacey mysteries, which many of my Jennifer Ashley fans also like. Captain Lacey has a pretty new website at:, and there are some updates on that series on the blog posts there.

And I 'm also going nuts writing more Shifters (Graham's book, and Jace's story). Rebecca and Walker will have a tale too!

When I come up for air, I'll post more updates. :-)

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At 6:34 PM , Blogger Artemis said...

I just love this series. And this cover is WHOA!!!!! Heavenly!

At 8:56 PM , Blogger Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

Thanks!! It's a great cover. I think one of the best I've had. Paul Marron makes a great Daniel.

At 2:20 PM , Blogger Glittergirl said...

Hey if you need a beta reader or any kind of a proof reader I'm available for you anytime! I won an ARC from you years ago for your shifters and caught several things for you. You are my #1 author and I'd do anything to help get the books to us readers in top notch form!!!

glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

At 7:04 PM , Blogger DeeCee said...

I just discovered this series from a friend of mine and am so glad it's going to continue. I've been looking forward to Daniel's story since Mac's! Yay!


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