Tuesday, November 09, 2004

romance club

I found out yesterday that my book The Pirate Hunter is the selection for Books A Million's Romance Club Read for this week. If you sign up at http://www.emailbookclub.com/book/suromance.html, you receive an e-mail excerpt of the book all week (hurry, it's already Tuesday).

I've kind of gotten back into the writing swing of things at last. Tomorrow is supposedly the last dental treatment, so I hope I'm over it soon.

I'm learning fascinating things about Newgate Prison for the mystery Murder in High Places. If you paid enough, you could have a nice room and decent food. Everyone had to pay an admission fee. It wasn't taxes that paid for prison, it was the ones arrested! If you had a wealthy family, you were ok. If your family had no money, you were SOL. Mostly Newgate was a holding place--you waited there for your trial, and then, if convicted, you waited for your hanging or transportation. Usually you didn't wait long--a couple of weeks to months. From 1783 onwards, the hanging was done right outside the prison, so you could watch the convicts ahead of you go to their dooms. Interesting, but gruesome.

Back to writing.



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