Monday, October 25, 2004

new beginnings

This weekend I went to Tucson to a bookstore called Clues Unlimited. What a nice mystery bookstore! I bought another in the Lyndsey Davis series, and Maisie Dobbs, which I've heard many good things about. The proprietor is having me come back at the end of November to sign my Ashley Gardner books and do a short talk along with a few other authors. (If you're in Tucson, the store is on the corner of Broadway and Country Club, across from Table Talk. My signing will be on Sunday, Nov. 28)

I sent off another 100 pages of Lingerie to my crit. partner, to torture her a little. I've started Murder in High Places AGAIN. The story was still not quite right. The problem with a cozy mystery series is that your amatuer slueth can only trip over so many dang dead bodies (look at Miss Marple!). I might have to set him up as a consulting detective, decades before Sherlock Holmes. I'll mull that over. In this version, one of Lacey's friends asks him to help with a problem. Stay tuned to see how the final book turns out!

I did write ten pages on that and revised fifty of Lingerie. Not a bad writing day.



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