Thursday, October 14, 2004


Revisions to Sudbury School are done and in the mail. Page proofs of Care and Feeding of Pirates are done and in the mail. Yes!!

All right, back to writing manuscripts. I realized at breakfast this morning that even though I've written 100 pages on my next mystery novel, I'm telling the story totally the wrong way. Ah well, 100 pages is a nice writing excersise. I don't like when Captain Lacey doesn't tell me what really happened. He's a very private man and keeps things to himself, but I think he withholds on me on purpose. It must amuse him, or something. Well, Captain, we're starting over, and this time, you're going to tell me everything.

I have finally calmed down (ok, sort of) from my cover excitement. I will stop flashing it in people's faces and jumping up and down. But it's a wonderful cover, the best romance cover I've had. I'm still stunned that such a beautiful thing was given to little ole me.

The October issue of Romantic Times featured my books in their Quips and Queries column. A reader wrote in saying she (or he) liked my Ashley Gardner Regency mysteries, and what else had I written? RT answered with a list of my current and forthcoming books and photos of the covers of The Pirate Hunter and The Glass House. Too cool!

Does anyone else's cat sit in the middle of a dark bathroom and howl for no reason? She must like the acoustics.

Back to work before my one shred of sanity gives out.



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