Thursday, December 02, 2004

cat care and other things

Been distracted by the cat. All her tests at the vet are negative, and they'd like to do an ultrasound. Kitty isn't barfing any more, but she doesn't have much appetite. And when she does eat, she afterward looks like she regrets it (like, "oh man, shouldn't have done that"). Plus she's now favoring her left hind leg. Doesn't hurt her, but it doesn't support her weight, and she looks surprised when she falls.

I'm thinking she's got something going on with her digestive system, be it she swallowed a rubber band or it's cancer. I'm waiting to let her calm down from the last trauma of going to the vet, then we'll take her back for the ultrasound. I hope it's simple, but if it's serious, she's an old kitty (sixteen) and has had a good run. Sigh.

As for writing, I'm finishing looking at the copy edits of Sudbury School Murders and sending it back tomorrow. Then back to finishing High Places. I have about 20K words to go on it.

The Glass House is out next week! It's already getting some good reviews from Romantic Times, The Best Reviews, and RomanceReadersConnection. Many romance readers like this series, which pleases me. After all, I did take a romance hero and make him a mystery sleuth. :-)

Jennifer Ashley
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