Saturday, August 06, 2005

catching up

A big whew. I turned in A Covent Garden Mystery and Penelope and Prince Charming within a week of each other. I get to breathe a little bit before I start more projects--the sequal to Penelope and a new paranormal romance for Berkley.

I'm slowly catching up with my life and what's been going on in the world. There's a big flap about the awards ceremony at RWA. Sigh. Actually I had been asked to be a presenter at that, but I had to turn it down because I couldn't go. I think I'm happy I stayed quietly at home.

Apparently, Care and Feeding of Pirates has sold out, so if you have been thinking of getting it, and you see one, grab it! They're becoming very rare.

Penelope was the hardest book I've done to date. It's partly a paranormal, partly historical, very sensual, and quite long. I put everything I had into it, so I hope it turns out.

Enough catch up for now. My brain is burned to the last ash, and I need to recoup and do some creative thinking so I can start the new books fresh.

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