Friday, April 17, 2009


This year, you will not see me at RT (Romantic Times Convention) in Orlando. For many reasons.

It was a difficult choice for me to stay home, though I can't lie and say conferences don't stress me out (because they do). I decided this year I more needed to not lose the writing time than I needed face time.

I will, however, be attending RAW (Lora Leigh's Reader Appreciation weekend) in September. Also I plan to be in Detroit doing a booksigning in either May or June--will post when that's set up.

So while others are cheering for dancing cover models, I will be typing. I'm working on finishing Pride Mates (revising/polishing), a Shareem story, and a new urban fantasy (Stormwalker by Allyson James). Not to mention Mac and Isabella's book!

I will also be cruising a bunch of blogs last week in April, first week of May giving away free stuff! I will post a list when I get it together.

So if you're going to RT, have fun!! If not, come by The Chatelaines blog next week where I'm going to post more peeks at Madness of Lord Ian. Just for us. ;-)

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