Thursday, May 20, 2010

New and beautiful video for Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage!

The new video for Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marraige! Video by Kendra at Creations by Kendra. I love it!

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At 11:00 AM , Blogger Erin Quinn said...

Oh, Jennifer, I cannot WAIT. ;)

At 6:35 PM , Blogger Scorpio M. said...

Simply gorgeous video. I'm counting the days to Mac & Izsa!

At 11:37 AM , Blogger Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

Thanks! I love Kendra's work. She "gets" the books.

At 4:42 AM , Blogger Carol L. said...

I'm amazed, this beautiful video brought tears to my eyes. What tyhe heck is going to happen when I read about Mac and Isabella ?lol
Great work.
Carol L.


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