Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's Release Day for The Darkening

The Darkening, Book 2 of Immortals (written by Robin Popp), is out today. Officially. I know people have already spotted it over the weekend.

It's a fantastic book--I read the ms., and I loved it! Darius is sooooo sexy, and Lexi is a great heroine. And the leprechaun who's lost his pot of gold is just--well, I was going to say hilarious, but he's really not a comic figure. Robin did a wonderful job with making the secondaries 3-dimensional.

I'm buried in Allyson James work this week--have a copyedited ms. to finish going over plus another book to turn in to EC to get done. I think I'll read Robin's book for relaxation, even though I know what happens. :-)

Now that Book 2 is out, I need to start talking about Book 3. You can go to Joy's site for a sneak peak at The Awakening: http://www.joynash.com/bookshelf/immortals.htm Kalen is--wow. Yum.





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