Friday, August 03, 2007

More market news

I forgot to add one to the market news learned at RWA:

Continuity series are selling very well, whether multi-author or one author. Continuity series are series based on a set of characters with books coming out back to back, usually one a month.

That's not necessarily good news for newbies because multi-author continuity series are usually done by pubbed authors who have a few books at least under their belts. These authors have already "proved themselves" to the publisher (i.e., have good sales track records).

But--if I were still unpubbed, I'd be tempted to write a trilogy, finish it (yes, I's a lot of work!), and pitch it as a trilogy--letting the editor know the whole thing is done. Sure, you may never sell it, but writing a trilogy is good training. I wrote a fantasy trilogy years ago, and it sure taught me things--like pacing and suspense and plotting.

(No, I never published it--it's crap *g*. I said it taught me things, not that I was good at them. See my post on rejection at

Happy reading and writing!


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