Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ain't it the way

So I'm doing laundry prepatory to packing for RWA, and what happens but the plumbing in the entire house backs up. The toilets glugging and dirty water spilling up from all the drains. Like a horror movie.

This happens about once a year (tree roots), and we have to call in our guys to drill it out. Of course it has to happen today. Not tomorrow when I'm safely gone so my husband can deal with it (LOL).

Which means I can't do laundry or use the bathroom until the plumbers get here, which could be...who knows when?

Thankfully I have most of the clothes I was going to take ready; I was just washing up odds and ends. I might be driving to my mother's house with a laundry basket (and a roll of toilet paper).

This is why I write humor. I can't make this stuff up.




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