Saturday, June 09, 2007

German translations

Today I received a box of books--the German translation of The Pirate Next Door. They've changed the title to My Passionate Pirate, and my German isn't good enough to see if the translation is spot on, but it's fun to have books out there in more than one language!

This was a May release, and December will bring The Pirate Hunter (again with new German title).

I love the covers!

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At 5:42 PM , Blogger TBD said...


Lovely Covers -

leidenschaftlicher... now that's a mouthful.

Sounds kind of dirty too. Shaft Licker. Heh. And leiderhosen. Lick the shaft of a guy in leiderhosen?

Foreign languages are so much fun.

At 9:42 PM , Anonymous Eli said...

I am excited! Now every bookstore Frank drags me into when we're back in D-Land this Christams I'll check for it! I can't wait to get them. Maybe I'll get them as presents for Frank's mother, as well. Mwa ha! This is going to be brilliant! You rock!


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