Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Everything but cute strappy shoes

I have to be careful with my back, so I can't wear the cute strappy shoes so many authors, aspiring authors, editors, agents, and guests had on at the RWA awards ceremony. I can't even wear them for short periods of time, so I stuck with my Naturalizer slides, which aren't too bad.

But I had shoe envy! LOL However I did have a nice dress, bought for the occassion, and a lovely burn-out velvet wrap.

I seriously did not think I had a chance of winning my category of the Ritas. The other finalists are excellent writers. The ones I haven't read personally I've heard fantastic things about. So it floored me when Alesia Holiday (aka Alyssa Day) called me up to the stage to receive a Rita! I've known Alesia for a while, and it was so terrific to get the award from her! My editor, Ginjer Buchanan at Berkley got a nice plaque for the book as well. I like that they give the editor recognition.

I hadn't even bothered to come up with a speech! I was so convinced I wouldn't win. I was ready to applaud the winner and head out for chocolate. I had to come up with a speech on the spur of the moment, which I hope was coherent.

Ok, I did *think* about a speech, on the off chance. But I certainly didn't write it down or rehearse it.

I'm very grateful to the judges for picking the book (A Lady Raised High). It was a labor of love. The book is out of print now, unfortunately, though Berkley plans to reprint it in trade paperback next spring.

The outpouring of excitement, friendliness, and hugs afterwards from fellow authors, chapter members, editors, and complete strangers was overwhelming. I was blown away by everyone's support.

It was an interesting, stunning, exciting experience.


At 8:01 PM , Blogger Gillian said...

First of all, congratulations!!! You looked beautiful, and were very coherent, so your acceptance speech rocked!

I went to your workshop, Title and Premise..., and I enjoyed it and learned from it SO much. I would have stayed after and told you, but I was off to dive into another workshop, and had no idea where I was going. It was my first conference, and a blast!

Anyway, I also always wanted to tell you, The Care and Feeding of Pirates is one of my very favorite books, it actually gets to hang out in my bedroom and is tattered and tea-stained. I love it!

Sorry to use up so much space, just wanted to say congrats and I'm looking forward to all your new work!

At 7:47 AM , Blogger Colleen Thompson said...

Congratulations to you, Jennifer! And I'd trade a lot of strappy, unstable, uncomfortable shoes for that RITA you snagged.


At 3:46 PM , Blogger Jennifer Ashley said...

Thanks Gillian! I'm glad I was coherent. I was a bit worried. :-) Happy also to hear that the workshop was helpful. I like doing that workshop with my editor, because of course she knows so much about her side of the business.

There's always a ton of stuff going on at conferences. I never get to talk to half the people I want to, before I'm running off to something else.

And thanks about Care & Feeding! I like that book too--love the cover (which I had nothing to do with--I got very lucky!)

Take care.

At 3:47 PM , Blogger Jennifer Ashley said...


Thanks and it was great seeing you! You are one of the people I wanted to talk to more, and didn't get a chance to. :-( But I saw you at RT, so that was good. Nice lunch, nice conversation. See you next time!


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