Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cool Bookstore and Books

Over the weekend I was in Austin, TX, one of my favorite towns (they have a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan just down the river from a bridge with a bunch of bats, not to mention Amy's Ice Creams--what's not to love?).

One thing I like about the Austin airport is they allow only local businesses to set up shop there, no chain stores. The bookstore in the airport is a fantastic place called Book People, an indy whose main store is at 6th St. and Lamar.

The main bookstore has only a tiny romance section, mostly of recent bestsellers. However, they have a nice selection of historical novels--separated out from mainstream fiction. I was pleased to see that they carried Queen's Handmaiden and, in the mystery section, some of my Ashley Gardner mysteries. Also you can order my books online from them, which is cool.

At the airport, on the other hand, they carry quite a few of the new romance releases--an entire standup section in an otherwise small store. I was thrilled when I went through last year and saw Penelope & Prince Charming. That was my first airport sighting. So exciting! :-)

This time they had December releases like Connie Mason's The Price of Pleasure

I love indy bookstores, and this is a good one. No, I didn't do a signing, unfortunately...I was in town for other reasons and didn't have time! I spent a lot of the weekend stuck in traffic, LOL.

Anyway, had a great time, now it's back to a wad o' typing to get my book done by the new year.


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