Tuesday, September 25, 2007

October Release--Elizabeth I

I have another release next Tuesday, Oct. 2--The Queen's Handmaiden, a novel of Elizabeth I. This is historical fiction (with some romance) under my Jennifer Ashley handle. The cover is lovely.

Interestingly, the new Cait Blanchett Elizabeth I movie is releasing October 12. I had no idea the two would be out in the same month!

The book takes Elizabeth from the death of her father, Henry VIII, through the reigns of Edward and Mary, to the death of Elizabeth's governess, Kat Ashley, in 1565.

I wrote this with the idea that people who knew very little of Elizabeth's early life (which is usually not gone into in much depth) could come away with a portrait of Elizabeth as princess and her first challenges as queen.


At 1:26 PM , Anonymous DebbieB said...

Ooh, I have madlove for that era of history. Will have to check out your site.

At 6:40 AM , Anonymous Monya Mary said...

Hi Jennifer - greetings from Oz (Australia that is). Did you know Cate Blanchett is an Aussie? I'm officially old, so I remember plenty of stories about the youth of Liz the First. And I expect they were published more in the U.K. and sold there and U.K. related countries. Can't quote one for you, sorry, at least not the author. YOUNG BESS it was called, and in the 1950s Jean Simmons was in the movie. Very good luck with it, beautiful cover.
I actually ended up in your blog by sending out a Google alert for my new e-book (to be printed in January) release at The Wild Rose Press, it's, er, The Pirate And The Puritan. You mentioned that phrase (I'm mortified, had no idea the idea was so well used) in your blog of Sept.23 2004. Someone should start a Title Central so we can check up on whether they've been taken! Of course several of the other alerts were for Cheryl Howe's book. Maybe it'll sell some copies for both of us. But I'm assured mine looks a bit different!
Your pirate books look like a lot of fun. There's an excerpt from mine at my blog: http://monyamary.blogspot.com/
Monya (wr/as Mary Clayton)


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