Monday, August 20, 2007

The Stardust County CD

Many people have heard me talk about the musical half of me, and the CD my husband and I recorded with our friend Nancy. Well, the CD is out. It's available at CD Baby: where you can listen to cuts (for free).

If you want to laugh, listen to Track 7: A Mask and a Mirror sung by me (in my role as Daisy, the Barmaid). My husband is the baritone villain in Track 18: Less Than a Hero.

Some of my favorites, though, are Track 8: Beggar's Quest, by the smooth-voiced Larry Warner, Track 11: Ragged Queen, with Tom Tuerff, and Track 16: Two Worlds, a beautiful song with Nancy Freeman and Larry (and me on flute! I'm a much better instrumentalist than vocalist, LOL).

It was a fun project, squeezed around a ton of writing. The entire CD set tells a story, a werewolf romance about the rakish Nigel (the werewolf) and the lady with a "heart of steel," Nimue. An unlikely couple, but love wins out . . .

Enjoy. :-)


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