Sunday, June 29, 2008

Updates/New series

I threw out my back again, grump, grump, grump. Although it's not as bad as when I did it two years ago. Exercise and education has given me more strength and know-how to cope. Hopefully it will clear up soon (before RWA Nationals!!!)

I updated my Jennifer Ashley site with new information on the "Forthcoming" page ( New covers, new blurbs etc.

I'm working on a new historical series, the first of which will be out in April 2009. The tentative for book 1 is The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie.

You'll meet Ian and his three scandalous, sexy, bad-boy brothers in the first book. The stories are set about 1880, and move from London to Scotland to Paris and back again.

The oldest brother, Hart, is a duke both of the Scottish peerage and the English. Next in line is Cam, the black sheep of the family. Then there's Mac, a brilliant artist who is legally separated from his wife. Youngest is Ian, who struggles with a darkness inside himself. They're all tortured heroes, my favorite kind.

I plan to present the stories from youngest son to oldest, one per year (that's the plan right now).

These will be very sexy historicals--no paranormal elements, but lots and lots of heat.

I'm also working on a paranormal series--they will be released in between the historicals, so it will go historical, paranormal, historical, paranormal. You get the idea.

The first paranormal is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 2009.

I'll have more info. on that when I start actually writing it.

More Immortals first of course! (In Sept. 2008 and March 2009)


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At 8:28 AM , Anonymous tat said...

Hi Jen,
i'm a writer too. I like how your story sounds and whose not hot for a sexy bad boy. I'm thinking you should check out a book called The de burgh bride, it's your style and i was totally hot for it.
This isn't historical but check out Paradise and perfect by Barbara delinsky the characters are so hot they'll make your mouth water.

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