Monday, August 10, 2009

Working week

After a weekend mix of fun with friends and bad family news all around, I'm back to work.

One thing I like about being an author is my relief when it's Monday again and I disappear back into writing. Not that my weekends are so terrible, LOL. But I no longer view the working week with dread.

I think stepping away from a project is always good. Last week I spent working on revisions to Pride Mates, and this morning I opened up Mac and Isabella to see how they were doing. Looking at the book fresh shows me where I need to fix things that I was oblivious to before (too caught up in the story).

I'm really liking Mac. I know everyone loves Ian, and he's a hard act to follow, but Mac is funny and wicked with a warm heart, a man who loves so deeply it hurts him. Since this is a romance novel, we all know how it ends ;-), but his journey is the joy. You'll see Ian again and his other two brothers, Mac and Cam, and meet a few new secondary characters.

So I'm back to work. Last Friday my Berkley editor and I were talking about the cover of Stormwalker, my upcoming contemp. fantasy/romance series. Sounds like it will be cool--though I won't see that art for a bit yet. That book will be written under my Allyson James psuedonym.

I could chat all day, and often do, but for now--back to work!

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