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The FIREWALKER Giveaway continues!


Jamison to Janet: “I’m remembering a fifteen-year-old girl, one eaten up with storm magic. So scared she was afraid to go to school, and she’d run away from home so her grandmother wouldn’t make her go. She was sitting on a ledge overlooking Spider Rock and crying because she couldn’t make the lightning stop.”

Jamison Kee is a handsome Navajo shaman and a Changer (shifter) who takes the form of a mountain lion. He loves Naomi, the lady with the blue-green eyes who makes him a whole person.

Jamison is Janet’s oldest friend, the one who helped the teenaged Janet make sense of the storm power that rocked her. Without Jamison’s instruction, she’d never have survived.

Jamison and Naomi’s love story is told in “A Little Night Magic,” in the Hot for the Holidays anthology available from Berkley Publishing.

FROM Firewalker:
“My shaman advice to you is to go to bed. Before you do, will you call Naomi and tell her I need a ride home? If I walk home as a mountain lion in this town, I’ll probably get shot. If I do it as a naked man, I’ll never live it down.”

I think shape shifters are my favorite paranormal creatures (see PRIDE MATES, by Jennifer Ashley, followed by PRIMAL BONDS in March, if you don't believe me). There’s something about a guy with an animal lurking beneath that’s just...mmmm.

Do shape shifters rock your world? Or do you prefer a different paranormal creature? (and what?) Comment to win!

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At 6:48 AM , Anonymous Amy Kathryn said...

I love shifters...dragons, cats, wolves, birds, etc. I think it has to do with maybe giving form to a part of the personality or experiencing the world in a completely different way. Whatever, I read a lot of them!

At 2:50 PM , Blogger lulilut said...

Gotta love the shape shifters. I like all kinds of paranormal or alien critters but reading about the beast beneath is a lot of fun.
d.septer at

At 6:04 PM , Blogger Heather S said...

I LOVE shape shifters. Most are automatic buys for me.

At 10:11 PM , Blogger Daniela BB said...

Yep, I’m def with you on the shifter Mmmmm comment... I read anything to do with them! That's how I found Pride Mates, One look at the title and it was on the checkout counter soon afterwards.... A big dark mysterious guy ready to pounce is hot as hell! :) Cant wait for Primal Bonds!

At 2:43 AM , Blogger Carol L. said...

Hi Jennifer,
I loved Pride Mates. I love shifters of all kinds. There is just this sensual, animalistic trait they possess that gets me so excited. lol
Who wouldn't love to hear that growl in her ear. :)
Carol L.


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