Sunday, July 11, 2004

Meet my friend--

Everyone should have such friends, eh?

CJ Hollenbach is a cover model, writer, and all around nice guy. When he's not modeling, he writes (published), and does a little acting on the side. He's appearing on some Ellora's Cave covers just now and has more upcoming. Hopefully, I'll get him on one of my own books, soon!

I met CJ while interviewing him for my radio show, and then again at the RT convention in Kansas City. He kindly showed me around the convention a little and helped me get my newbie feet wet.

Read some of CJ's articles on his Web site He's got a sharp sense of humor and a dry tone that's fun to read. You can see more pics of him there, too, and sign up for his newsletter.

So, check out CJ, and have a fun-filled day!

Jennifer Ashley


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