Thursday, September 16, 2004

Big Book Giveaway Winner and other stuff

My contest is over, the big winner was Joanne in Florida (hopefully recovering from hurricanes). She gets a box of books, many of them signed by the authors, some goodies thrown in, and a copy of my first book, Perils of the Heart.

I'll do another contest sometime later this year, when The Care and Feeding of Pirates is around the corner.

Because I LOVE the cover art for Care and Feeding, here it is again:

And, what the heck, if we're throwing up covers, here's the next Captain Lacey mystery, The Glass House, out in December:

Gorgeous, no?

I have a slight stomach ache today, have had it for a couple of days--I think I have a bug. I'm going to chill today and take it easy. No writing. Just laundry.

Take care,



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