Friday, September 10, 2004

Site Updates and stuff

I updated my Web site with a few articles for writers. Learn about how to find an agent, how to write a query letter, how to create the alpha hero, and how to get your manuscript finished and your career going. Go to and click on "Tips for Writers" from the list.

I also added my reviews for The Pirate Hunter, which was out in May. I hadn't realized that I'd gotten so many good reviews. I'm flattered. Thank you reviewers! I have quotes from them on the site (under "Reviews").

I'm having fun researching for the Anne Boleyn novel. I've been reading books, listening to lectures, looking at letters, studying maps, learning how to make Tudor clothing and food. It's so much fun! I love to research (ok, so I'm a geek.)

The book will be out as far as I know sometime late 2005. When I know the title and pub date, I'll post it.

While I'm researching, I'm writing hard on Confessions of a Lingerie Slut. It's a comedy, a slice-of-life story, a family story, a romance--lots of things rolled into one.

I'm also writing hard on another Captain Lacey mystery novel, tentatively called Murder in High Places. This one will involve the intrigues of the ton and characters Lacey met in Spain. All of the secondary characters are present and involved.

I'm still running a book giveaway on my site until the 15th (which is next Wednesday). Be sure to sign up. At my site, click on "Contests" and check out the list of books I'm handing out for free. Good luck!!!



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