Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Yesterday, I planned to take stuff to the Salvation Army collection center for the NO refugees who arrived in my city. But I was so busy, I didn't get there in time, so gave up for the day. This morning, I opened the newspaper and saw that so many people took supplies, clothes, etc. down to the pickup point that they had to wait in a 45 minute line to donate. Dang! That's a lot of people coming out to give. Two semi-truckloads of clothes, toys, toiletries, and so forth went to the coleseum to the refugees, and more is coming.

I was happy to see that so many people across the city leapt into their cars and hurried down to donate things. Wow. I am so happy to see the outpouring of caring and generosity that the average person has shown to their fellow human beings. It's heartening.

Work-wise, I got minor revisions to Penelope and Prince Charming done and sent to my editor. There's a character in this book, Egan MacDonald, known as The Mad Highlander, who will get his own book. Reading the ms. again after a step back, I really like Egan! A sexy highlander, a war hero, kind of unpolished, likes whiskey and women, and has a kind heart. I can't wait to write this man's story!

I don't have any good hunky Scotsman pictures, darn it. I'll look for some. :)



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