Sunday, September 18, 2005

tiling madness

Husband and I have been working for the last two weekends to pull out linoleum, scrape up the floor and prepare our kitching for tiling tomorrow. The refrigerator is in the living room now and everything's a big mess. Looking forward to getting the floor in so we can clean up. This afternoon, it's getting everything out of the kitchen and doing some painting.

Writing-wise, am trying to decide whether to scrap the first couple chapters of Mad, Bad Duke. I rewrote the opening, starting in a different setting and was happy with it yesterday, but not today. So I have two versions of chapters 1 and 2, not sure if I want to use either. The problem is the introduction of the hero, Alexander, who is a complicated person--intense, sexual, driven, ruthless, but he also has nightmares about his past, is trying to get over the loss of his wife, and wants a good life for his son. How to draw the reader into this character is tricky. I might just forget about the first two chapters, go on with the story and come back to the intro. Gah. Tiling is easier.

For fun, another highlander, courtesy of CJ.


At 2:01 PM , Blogger Cheyenne McCray said...

Thought I'd stop and say hi. I'm strongly thinking about getting this type of blog this time. :-)

At 3:49 PM , Blogger Jayne Thompkins said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'm always asking you questions at Desert Rose, if that helps narrow me down any... :o)

Could you show your duke doing something "ruthless" when it comes to the son and it seems insane now, but later as we get to know the hero we understand where he's coming from?

Just procrastinating from revising Chapters 4 & 5 for my Young Adult...


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