Monday, October 16, 2006


This weekend both Joy Nash and Robin Popp sent me mss for their books in the Immortals series. I've only had the chance to read the first chapters, but wow! They've written some some powerful and sexy guys, and I love the heroines. We are in for a treat!

I hope to get an Immortals page started on my website with the covers and blurbs for each book, perhaps teasers and contests too as we go on.

I'm getting excited about this series. Yum!

But then, there's my Nvengarian series which I'm really excited about too. I'm working on Egan McDonald's story, and I had a fantastic idea for another adventure after that.

I can go a couple weeks without a single idea, then suddenly they pour into my head thick and fast before I can write them down! Need a brain dump or something.

Take care.


At 11:12 PM , Blogger Cheyenne McCray said...

You always have it going on, girl. You amaze me! Glad the other 2 books look great!


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