Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Welcome to another step in the Souls Around the World Blog Hop!

Remember that at the end of this Blog Hop, on November 1, one lucky hopper will win the grand prize—a Sony Touch E-Reader, preloaded with books! (Scroll down for links to enter and to continue the blog hop.)

When I was asked to write this post, I had to ponder what scared me. After getting a graduate degree and working in the corporate world, I found that horror movies, books, and the like really aren’t that frightening to me anymore, LOL.

So, I thought about what really creeped me out when as a kid. You know, when you went to bed, sweaty and cold at the same time, and hid under the covers, convinced that whatever it was waited for you to crawl out again. Your parents said—“There’s nothing to be afraid of!” and you said, “Beg to differ.”

One TV show that used to scare the daylights out of me was Night Gallery. It was a Rod Serling show, similar to Twilight Zone, but it was to horror what TZ was to science fiction. Each week, a painting would be presented, and then the story would be about the scary thing in the painting.

The thing is, I can’t remember any of the episodes (I think I was about 10, watching them on re-runs). All I remember is them terrifying me. They came on at about 10 or 11, and I usually watched them when I spent the night with friends. For some reason, my friends would all say “good night” and drop off to sleep, while I lay there in a cold panic. I had a pretty good imagination as a kid (I was writing stories and plays when I was 8). Sometimes a creative imagination is not your best friend.

I take it back that I can’t be scared anymore. I am now recalling when I saw the Buffy episode, “Hush” with The Gentlemen. I watched it alone in my house, in the dark (dh was at work or wherever; no one else was home). I was afraid to pass a window! Because I was sure I’d see one of the grinning Gentlemen and their weird lackeys outside in the street. I couldn’t go to bed until my husband got home. And then he wanted to watch the episode, so I had to sit through it again. (It’s funny too; one of my favorites).

So what frightened you as a kid? A book? Movie? TV show? What did you do to fight the scary? Did you grow out of it? Or secretly hide under the covers still?

Enjoy the blog hop!

Jennifer Ashley
aka Allyson James

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At 5:28 PM , Blogger Ashley Nemer said...

Thank you so much for joining Lisa and my Blog Hop. It really means a lot to us. I remember that episode of Buffy, Spike was my first Vampire love.

It was great to meet you in Vegas at the convention and I wish you a great remainder of the year!

At 6:12 AM , Blogger Toinette Thomas said...

I remember watch the TZ and Night Gallery and loving every minute of it. Not a whole lot scared as a kid, but the things that did usually involved creepy kids and demonic toys or dolls. I'm still mad about the whole Chucky thing. I was a tomboy and had a My Buddy, but he had to go away after that movie came out.


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