Friday, September 17, 2004

Massage Therapy

I had an appt. with a massage therapist yesterday. Since I had a tummy ache, I asked her "So, do you have a massage for indigestion?" She said, why yes, I do! So I got my tummy rubbed. Ooo, that felt good.

I don't know if the bug cycled through or the massage sent it packing or a little of both, but I feel so much better!

I hate acidy stomach things. A writer's life is stressful enough. It's hard to get into your heroine's problems or write a love scene when your stomach hurts! Bleh.

I'm all for massage therapy. It does your body wonders to get your muscles relaxed and your systems working like they should.

Back to writing about Brenda and her gorgeous hunk of a boyfriend.



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