Sunday, September 19, 2004

Mini time

In my copious spare time I do minis--which means miniature room settings and furniture. My latest effort has been to finish a southwestern porch for my mother.

I built or modified everything here, though I did not cast the pots. I bought those from Poco Pots in New Mexico. I can't remember the woman's name, but she's been making these wonderful pots for a long time and sells at miniature shows/sales. I love them.

Got my desk cleaned off and everything filed (well, almost everything), got the front bathroom tile sealed and baseboards painted. Updated my site with some miniatures pictures, and thought about writing. (ha!)

Today I want to work on a timeline for the Boleyn book; what happened when and where so I can fit it into the context of the frame story. That and seal more grout, buy more baseboards.... (the writer's glamorous life).



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