Wednesday, January 05, 2005

hail, yes

Got a deluge of marble-sized hail yesterday, so I took a pic.

Small things excite me. I have lots of news, though:

I finished and mailed Lacey Book 5!!! Changed the title to A Death in Mayfair from Murder in High Places. I wanted a London place name in the title. Pub. date is Dec. 2005.

No sooner was that done when my Dorchester editor called with revisions on Lingerie Addict. Not many, though, so whew. I feared the worst. Pub. date June 2005

Found out that The Pirate Hunter was nominated for a Romaniic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for 2004. (yay! I love James.)

The Care and Feeding of Pirates got a decent review in RT, and the hero Christopher Raine was awarded KISS status (Knight in Shining Silver--means a very charming, sexy, romantic, fun, gorgeous hero). Only a few are chosen out of all the romances out in a given month, so way to go Christopher!! I have to admit, he's drool-worthy.

I love writing heroes. You know, it takes me a while to get the heroine, her motivations, her character, her needs, etc., but my heroes I know right off the bat. They walk around in my head and banter with me and tell me everything. I have a rought life. :-)



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