Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Countdown to RT continues

Yesterday I rose at 6, finished revisions to return to my editor by noon and finished writing a proposal by 4 pm. I wanted to get all this done before I left. Then I test packed. I think (crossing fingers) that everything I want to take will fit. The bag rolls around just fine and I've gotten good at maneuvering corners and lifting it over the cat. So if a cat is lying in the middle of the airport, I'll have no problem.

Not sure I'll be able to tote the alpha smart, but geez I hate to forgo five days in a row of writing. Especially right now when I'm on a creative roll. I know from experience that if I interrupt the creative roll weeks can go by before I find it again, and I can't afford to lose weeks this year. Will think of something.

Today it's going to be cleaning the house and doing more writing, and of course panicking that I've forgotten something.



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