Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This summer has been a series of disasters. First my back goes out in a horrible way (ooo the pain), then my insurance won't pay for the six weeks of physcial therpy it took for me to claw my way back to being mostly not in pain, then today we had to replace our air conditioner with a new unit after it died a harsh death on Monday night. (It's been 104-110 out here, so going without isn't an option). And then my husband--let's just say he'll be starting another job in a few weeks. Writing books in the last two months has definately been a challenge!

Good thing I believe in karma and the balance of the universe. Bad things happen but then good things come along to mediate them. Good things in my situation:

The physcial therapy helped wonderfully, taught me much about how to take care of my body and how to grow strong, and restored my faith in the kindness of others.

My husband and I got the gift of time together that we haven't had in years. (And he has time to replace the floor in the hall, lucky guy!)

We had the money set aside to pay for the AC, so while we are unhappy about it, it didn't devastate us. And we knew that unit was going to go, it was just a matter of time.

While it was extremely difficult to write, I still finished a complete novel in two months, rather than the six weeks it usually takes me. Having to spend two extra weeks on a book isn't going to hurt me, and probably will make the book better (I wish I could do every book in three months, but I'm working on it.)

I might sound like Pollyanna looking for a good side to every situation, but I really do believe in karma. When times are bad, I try to perform positive actions in order to draw positive energy toward me. I'm looking forward to more positive energy flowing my way! (any time now ... come on, come on ...)

Hope everyone's universe is doing ok for them!


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