Wednesday, July 26, 2006

great suspense

I actually took a vacation and while on it, read Colleen Thompson's Deadliest Denial. Terrific suspense novel! I like that Colleen takes the "when bad things happen to normal people" approach. The characters are so real you can touch them, and you probably even know them. She sets her books in Texas--this time in Texas hill country around San Antonio, an area I'm familiar with. (Fatal Error, a Rita nominee, was set in West Texas, near El Paso.) I also like that she lets her hero and heroine believe in each other against the odds, something I wish more novelists would.

Vacation? San Diego. I needed those cool ocean breezes because it's mega-hot here. 118? Forget it. San Diego ran between 73 and 80 the whole time. My, that was nice. Even better was sitting in a coffee house on a hill above the water writing and listening to the waves.

Back to the heat, but almost done with the first draft of Immortals book 1 (The Calling). Some good stuff in it!


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