Friday, July 07, 2006

another good series read

Just finished the last book of Bronwyn Jameson's "Princes of the Outback" series by Sil. Desire. (Books in order are The Rugged Loner, The Rich Stranger, and The Ruthless Groom).

I think I liked this series mostly because the heroes were true romantic heroes (strong physically, strong-willed, smart, gorgeous, and very, very sexy) without being so over-the-top alpha they were silly or so tortured they grew whiney. She got the balance of what a good hero is exactly right, in my opinion. Plus the chemistry between h/h was terrific, the love scenes hot without overdoing it. The right touch on everything.

Throw in the (for me) exotic setting of the Australian outback, and it was a winner. It is no surprise that all three of these books, published in 2005, made the Rita finals for best short contemporary.

Good stuff!


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