Friday, June 30, 2006

more good books

The benefit of being down in the back is the leisure time to read. Have to sit immoble for a while every day, and let's see whatever shall I do???

You'll see on my side bar that I adore Lindsey Davis's series set in 72AD Rome. Marcus Didius Falco is one of the most hysterical heroes I've ever met. This week I finished Last Act in Palmyra, which has Falco and Helena (a senator's stately daughter) traveling to Syria and solving the murder of a Roman playwright in a traveling troupe. Let's see, there's Petra, a giant python called Jason, and the possible precursor of Hamlet

Next finished Living Dead in Dallas, book two of Charlaine Harris's vamp series (I know, I'm way behind). Sookie goes to Dallas to look for a missing vampire and then solves the murder of a cook back home. The high point was Eric the Viking vampire turning up in a purple skin-tight tank top and Lycra multi-colored leggings. The mental picture just will not go away... It hurts my back to laugh!

Now I'm reading the first book of a trilogy that was written in 1953. I'd say I'm waayy behind on that series...

What's going on in my writing life? Writing. Writing. Writing. Got the covers for Mad Bad Duke which I will post after I scan them.


At 7:53 PM , Blogger Marg said...

I am just about to read Living Dead in Dallas don't despair, there are people who are further behind than you!


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