Monday, June 19, 2006

In with the new

The advantage of having a home office is that you get to choose your own chair (the disadvantage is--you have to pay for it, but oh well). You don't have to be stuck with the lumpy chair with uneven legs and stiff back that no one else wants.

This weekend I took the plunge for a back-friendly, la di da chair. Didn't get the built-in massagers, but you can't have everything (and I couldn't find that one in the store).

The reason for this expidition is that I strained my back--again. Third time in two months. Part of the problem is likely my chair, so I decided to get the best support I could find. My back is killing me--fortunately it feels the best when I'm sitting, so I can still write. And read. I'm doing gentle exercises for strength and stretching, and hopefully this will clear up soon.

Now to show what I've been sitting on...

You can see why I needed a change (LOL). Been putting it off, but pain was a good incentive.


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