Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rita and Update

I was very pleased that this book won a Rita--The Marriage Miracle by Liz Fielding. This is its UK cover, you can find it on Amazon with a US cover. I had this book in my stack to judge in the preliminary round and just loved it. It has a good British romantic comedy flavor, and I busily cast Colin Firth or Colin Ferrel in the lead. It's about a British businessman who is very successful in New York, then finds he's inherited a greeting card company on its last legs from a rakish uncle back in England. How to pull the business back together--without firing the staff who have become as close as family? Enter the heroine with her unique paintings for children's books, but she has a problem--she's now confined to a wheelchair. Does that stop our hero sweeping her off her feet? Of course not!

Throw in the hero's quirky family, the secretary at the greeting card company, and some funny banter and tension between hero and heroine and you have a touching, very realistic story that I seriously think would make a great film (are you listening, producers?).

As for my own work--I'm going flat out as usual. I finished the first draft of the Immortals--THE CALLING Woo hoo!! and am now turning to write dragon book number 2 for Berkley. I'm right on my own schedule, despite the back problems, so I'm pleased. More on all this anon.



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