Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I'm working on--Immortals

I've been quiet online, but that means I'm working behind the scenes. I'm currently revising the entire Immortals series (my books in them anyway), looking to re-release them sometime in December. The Calling has come back from the editor, she now has The Gathering, and I'll be finishing up The Redeeming soon.

I plan to release all three books at the same time so no one has to wait between.

BTW, when I say "revise" I mean smoothing out the writing and fixing errors. The stories will be the same, but I hope to give readers a smoother read.

I also now have the rights to the original cover art, which I'm having redone, plus I have the beautiful covers Kendra made for me a while back. I'm going to use both!

I'm also realizing how much I loved creating this world. Joy Nash, Robin Popp, and I brainstormed constantly as we wrote the books, and we came up with a very cool place. I am already spinning more stories in my head set in this world. I'm pleased to have another chance to work on this series!

Stay tuned for a pub date and buy links. The books will be out at Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, Sony, ARe--the usual places, as well as new trade paperback editions.

A lot of work for me, but it's great!

(Yes, lovers of other series, I am still working on them, haven't abandoned anything!)

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At 1:05 PM , Blogger Aurian said...

I did discover your books (and those of the other authors) through this series and I am glad that new readers will be able to read them. Of course I will never get rid of my 8 paperbacks ... Will the other authors re-publish their stories as well?


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