Friday, September 24, 2004

Goals update

Working on today's 18 pages. I'm in the middle of a difficult scene that's an important plot point. I want to get it right, so it's slowing me down a little. I'm about half-way through, have nine pages to go.

People are asking how I'm writing 5000K a day. This is the easy part of writing. I know where I want to go with the story and how I want to get there. Now it's just writing it down. The map has been drawn, the bags packed, now I'm driving down the freeway.

Difficult will be what I need to do next, plot out my next Captain Lacey mystery. I have many threads, many ideas, and need to make them a coherent, tight story.

Another goal is to finish up Paula Reed's Into His Arms. It's got good plotting, a rogue hero who doesn't believe that true love exists, and a heroine who is teaching him that it does. This is her debut book. Looking at Amazon, she has another coming out from Kensington soon.

That's my plan. That and paint and install baseboards before a bunch of people invade my house tomorrow night! I decided to host a party. Now I have to cook and clean. What was I thinking?

Oh, and get the lizard out of my air conditioner. It's hard to rescue lizards. They don't understand they're being rescued.

Please, everyone in Florida, take care (again!). My thoughts are with you.



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