Thursday, September 23, 2004

Today's writing goal

I'm a little shy of my writing goal today, still need three pages. But I'm up to 69,000 words. I'm really pooped today for some reason. I will try to get those last three pages done before I go to bed tonight.

What I'm reading: Into His Arms by Paula Reed, a new author. I picked up her book at RWA when I walked by her table and saw that she too was writing high seas adventure. Had to have a peek! I've just started it, but so far, the histrical detail is vivid and well researched. I'm looking forward to going down to Jamaica with the hero and heroine. It's a "pirate and the puritan" story, and it just so happens that I have Cheryl Howe's The Pirate and the Puritan, so I'll have to read them both.

Also reading: David Starkey's Six Wives, to of course get his take on Anne Boleyn. His research was turned into a PBS series of four shows, which summarized the stories of each queen. I'm looking forward to reading the details.

Must take break. Brain is fried. Painting baseboards should take care of that. It's pretty mindless.



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