Thursday, March 24, 2005

chat and new series

I had a lovely chat at The Mystic Castle last night. I was new to them, and them to me, but they made me feel most welcome. Reader sites are getting so creative--you can find one for almost any kind of book you like. Check them out. (

Dang, I'm having so much fun working on Penelope and Prince Charming. I don't want to stop writing at the end of the day! I'm loving meeting the characters and the hint of magic, and all the fun stuff that goes with it.

This series will be set in England, but include a fictional country called Nvengaria. Nvengaria is located (in an alternate reality), right between Romania and the mountains of Moldovia. Picture a steep, narrow river valley running a couple hundred miles north/south, dotted with castles and secluded villages. Put it between the Carpathian and Transylvanian Alps. That's Nvengaria.

I'll do three books in the series. The first features Prince Damien of Nvengaria, who must follow a prophecy to find a long-lost princess (my plain English heroine, Penelope), in order to save the kingdom. The second book will revolve around Alexander, an anti-hero you'll meet in Pen and Prince Charming. The third book will feature a Scottish hero, Aiden, trying to attone for his dark past by helping a Nvengarian princess, with whom he's long been in love.

Now that I've teased everyone, the first book won't be out until Feb. 2006. Sorry. I'm enjoying the heck out of them right now, though. I hope that means readers will too. :)

In the meantime, there's always my funny contemps out in June and October. I just put up an excerpt for Confessions of a Lingerie Addict:

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