Monday, March 21, 2005


Thanks to those who posted here or emailed well wishes privately for finishing Anne Boleyn. It's a double feeling of whew it's done, and gee, hope my editor likes it.

Now that my anal work is done, my mind is flowing back to creativity. I start writing my next project (Lacey book 6) on April 1 (that's my goal). Now I'm having a great time brainstorming that book, world building for my next historical romance, and working on a few projects that are not contracted.

Non-contracted proejcts are fun, because I can do anything I want. No restrictions, don't have to follow what I've promised to do, don't have to follow an outline. I'm creating worlds, characters, events, etc. Eventually what I'm doing will get made into proposals to market, but right now it's like free-flow sculpting.

I also have a pile of books to read. I'm both catching up on fun reading and learning from the masters. I try to learn something new from every book I read, and every book I write. I want to get better and better, not blander and blander.

Ok, I also have to catch up on getting the weeds out of my yard that months of rain put in, but hey, I can use the exercise and fresh air.

Take care,
Jennifer Ashley


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