Saturday, February 26, 2005

work in progress

As a followup to my last post, here's whas happened this week:

1. Reading page proofs of Confessions of a Lingerie Addict.
DONE! and mailed back to my editor

2. Finished draft of novella for Christmas Cards (woo hoo!)
Mailed to crit partner, who sent me the critique the next day (she's fast!)

3. Revising/polishing draft of novella
DONE! Mailed to editor

4. Writing first draft of Anne Boleyn
Ongoing. I'm on the year 1534 today.

5. Researching Anne Boleyn
Ongoing. Still making notes and timelines

6. Working on proposals for historicals and mysteries and another chick-lit.

7. New item: Write mini synopsis of Lacey Book 6 for my editor
Draft done; crit. partner is looking at it.

To non-work related stuff:
What I'm watching:

Shrek2: Didn't see it in the theater, and viewed it for the first time last night. I laughed until I cried! I love Puss in Boots. Oh man.

Smoke Signals: First time I've seen it. Wow, what a beautiful movie. The writing is spectacular. Instead of a typical A-B-C event timeline, the writer weaves different timelines and events together like a tapestry. Highly recommend that writers watch this movie. (bring hankies, it's weepy)

I Capture the Castle: A bittersweet romance set in England in the 30s (based on a novel of the time). A coming-of-age story of a young girl whose writer father has rented a castle in England, where he intends to write a second great novel. After ten years, he never does, of course. Then the Americans who have inherited the castle arrive, and the oldest daughter, Rose, decides the best thing she can do for her family is marry one. The characters in this movie are fabulously drawn. There's the nudist, artist stepmother, the vague, brilliant writer father, the handsome servant of all work who becomes a model, the naive Rose, and the focus character (whose name escapes me), who watches all of this and experiences her first taste of love. Another movie I highly recommend to writers. (Besides, cutie Marc Blucas is in it).

Please don't forget, I'm still running a contest for my backlist (Pirate Next Door, Pirate Hunter, the mystery novels, and others). I'm taking names until March 1. Send me an email ( and put "Contest" in the subject. That's all you need (you can say hi, too!).




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