Thursday, April 14, 2005

blog neglect and new ideas

I've been shamefully neglecting my blog! But my work pace goes on. New things to do:

1. Revise Lacey Book 5 (not many changes there, thank heavens)
2. Finish hammering out proposal for Lacey book 6 with my editor
3. write historical proposal
4. write romance proposal.
5. write Lacey book 6
6. write Penelope and Prince Charming (making good progress here, at least!)

I've been wracking my brain for an idea for a new romance, perhaps paranormal, and I'm having an idea. It's a tendril, and it's good... I'm letting my brain flow around it. This is how I came up with Pirate Next Door and Penelope and Prince C... It just popped into my head. The feeling is the same. I'm hoping for something good here....

I love this part of writing. The exciting potential.It's like a warmth that invades your entire body. Let's see where it takes me.



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