Friday, September 23, 2011

What's Coming Next

I've been a little quiet here, but I'm working on many things. Next up is another Captain Lacey Regency Mystery, A Death in Norfolk. Read about that and the rest of the series at  (Most recent release is a short story collection The Gentleman's Walking Stick.) The books are also now being re-released in print.

In November, a new Shifters novella will join the Shifters Unbound series. BodyGuard, Ronan's story, will be out November 15. I will post more information, excerpts, etc. as that day nears. See my website: (choose either "Coming Soon" from the top menu or Shifters Unbound from the side menu).

I'm also working on a Stormwalker short story (by Allyson James) that will likely appear in an anthology (and if not, it will be e-pubbed). I'll let you know after I turn that in when that anthology will happen and where it will be available.

In addition, I'm working on another Stormwalker novel, tentatively titled Nightwalker, that I hope to have out by the end of the year. (Shareem fans: I'm also working on Justin).

This is why I have not been online as much lately! Things seem quiet, but I'm busy working behind the scenes.

I will post more excerpts and details as release dates near.

Thanks for the great release month for Many Sins of Lord Cameron and The Madness of Lord Ian! It's so nice to see the Mackenzies together again.

Take care,


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