Monday, August 31, 2009

Ooooo, Pride Mates up for preorder on

Click here if that doesn't work.

They don't have the pretty cover, but it looks like this here picture. Pub date is Feb. 2010!!

More about the book on my Coming Soon page:
Plus I'll be updating my page soon with all kinds of cool info about the series.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Emma Holly Interview/Giveaway

Today I'm interviewing my favorite erotic romance author, Emma Holly (well, she's one of my favorite authors, period). I persuaded her to come and blog on The Chatelaines, and she'll be giving away a couple copies of Kissing Midnight, her June release. Please come say hi!!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Working week

After a weekend mix of fun with friends and bad family news all around, I'm back to work.

One thing I like about being an author is my relief when it's Monday again and I disappear back into writing. Not that my weekends are so terrible, LOL. But I no longer view the working week with dread.

I think stepping away from a project is always good. Last week I spent working on revisions to Pride Mates, and this morning I opened up Mac and Isabella to see how they were doing. Looking at the book fresh shows me where I need to fix things that I was oblivious to before (too caught up in the story).

I'm really liking Mac. I know everyone loves Ian, and he's a hard act to follow, but Mac is funny and wicked with a warm heart, a man who loves so deeply it hurts him. Since this is a romance novel, we all know how it ends ;-), but his journey is the joy. You'll see Ian again and his other two brothers, Mac and Cam, and meet a few new secondary characters.

So I'm back to work. Last Friday my Berkley editor and I were talking about the cover of Stormwalker, my upcoming contemp. fantasy/romance series. Sounds like it will be cool--though I won't see that art for a bit yet. That book will be written under my Allyson James psuedonym.

I could chat all day, and often do, but for now--back to work!

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Interview and giveaway at the Chatelaines--Erin Quinn

Interviewing author Erin Quinn at the Chatelaines, discussing her debut, Haunting Beauty, and giving away free books! Come and say hi to Erin and read about he book. HB is quite good, an intriguing spin on paranormal romance.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Jennifer Ashley books to ebooks on

It looks like my Dorchester backlist is slowly being added as ebooks on B& I see Immortals: The Redeeming and Highlander Ever After from 2008 as well as Immortals: The Reckoning from this year. I am totally uninvolved in this process, so I don't know when the rest will be, but I'm happy that they've made a start.

All of my Berkley titles as Allyson James are up there, as well as my Jennifer Ashley historical novel: The Queen's Handmaiden.

I haven't tried these ebooks yet, but apparently you can use them on your iPhone or iPod Touch as well as Blackberries and other devices (I MUST get an iPod Touch, must, must, must).

You can access the B&N ebook store through the iTunes store as well.

This is so cool. As an iPod/iTunes/B&N junkie, I can only be happy.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Recommended Read for the Week

Bonnie Vanak's "Darkness of the Wolf": A Nocturne Bite from eHarlequin:

(If that doesn't work, go to and search for Bonnie Vanak).

Is the cover not to die for? This book costs all of $2.69 at the Harlequin ebook store.


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