Monday, May 29, 2006

I survived RT 2006, Daytona...

And I have the pictures to prove it. These first lot are members of Desert Rose and Valley of the Sun RWA chapters.

The lovely Rhonda Woodward

Me signing a pile o'books.

Cheyenne McCray and her mom Karen. Ain't they cute?

Erin Grady and her pile of books.

Chey McCray and Eden Robens

Tina Gerow and her cool book covers.

Mackenzie McCade

Judi McCoy and Cheyenne McCray

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Countdown to RT continues

Yesterday I rose at 6, finished revisions to return to my editor by noon and finished writing a proposal by 4 pm. I wanted to get all this done before I left. Then I test packed. I think (crossing fingers) that everything I want to take will fit. The bag rolls around just fine and I've gotten good at maneuvering corners and lifting it over the cat. So if a cat is lying in the middle of the airport, I'll have no problem.

Not sure I'll be able to tote the alpha smart, but geez I hate to forgo five days in a row of writing. Especially right now when I'm on a creative roll. I know from experience that if I interrupt the creative roll weeks can go by before I find it again, and I can't afford to lose weeks this year. Will think of something.

Today it's going to be cleaning the house and doing more writing, and of course panicking that I've forgotten something.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Forgot to add...

Penelope & Prince Charming has now spent SIX weeks on the Barnes & Noble top 50. I am still stunned. Thank you for your awesome support of this book.

Countdown to RT

I leave for the RT Booklovers Convention in Daytona soon. All kinds of things happen there like picking up my award for The Sudbury School Murders, dinner with the editors at Dorchester, a big book fair, and of course, the parties.

I bought new luggage for this sojourn and I am test packing it and toting it around the house for a test drive. I don't want to get to the airport and not know how to maneuver it. I always get nervous in airports regardless, people rushing everywhere, me worrying about missing the flight (no matter how early I arrive), me worrying about the flight being so delayed I miss everything at the other end. There is so much to worry about I don't want to worry about not being able to wheel my luggage around on top of it.

Deep breath. Today I continue my mini booksigning tour with authors Erin Grady and Cathy McDavid. We started in Mesa Friday night, did Scottsdale yesterday, and today we're heading for Tempe.

After I have mother's day brunch at my favorite restaurant, Convivo Bistro. (If you're ever in the Phoenix area, look it up, try it, you won't be sorry.)

Happy Mother's Day!

Jennifer Ashley

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two pieces of stunning news

I've been stunned twice this week. First, I found out that Ashley Gardner's The Sudbury School Murders WON the RT Bookclub's Reviewer's Choice award! I'll be at RT to pick up the trophy. I can't believe it! I was thrilled to final, but the other authors nominated are excellent, excellent writers. (Had the list floating around here, and now can't find it of course.)

The other stunning news is about Penelope & Prince Charming, which has now spent 5 weeks on the B&N top 50 list. Wow! I have to say thank you readers for your support. I am touched so many people picked up the book.

The next thing on my list is a bunch of booksignings, revisions, and preparing for RT!